About us

San Jose Trading, LLC is a leader in selling, marketing and distributing produce, grocery and dry food to foodservice, stores, and hospitality industries and other customers. We service our customers in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia. We deliver service, quality and fresh products the whole year, so we have a complete fleet of trucks. We are a full broadline distributor focused on helping reduce the cost of goods for our customers. We offer many advantages through our sophisticated supply chain process.

San Jose Trading, LLC enjoys a strong relationship with its clients due to the strength of its people, its expertise, quality of service, and consistent on-time delivery and reliability of products. We are currently servicing the areas of Nashville, including restaurants and stores, Murfreesboro area, Franklin, Springfield, Madison, Knoxville, Paducah and Lexington. We are also servicing major cities in other states including South Memphis, North Memphis, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia. We have a high potential for growth in all of these areas and states, so in the upcoming years we should be increasing our sales no less than 30% annually. 


Whether you’re a big chain or a local market, we have the flexibility to provide grocers the selection that customers …


From the kitchen to the front of the house, we know that being a successful restaurant demands fresh food from …


We recognize that seasonal roadside markets thrive from a community-focused, loyal customer base and depend on freshness and availability.

625 Space Park S Dr, Nashville, TN 37211